Xbox released 11 tech talk videos for GDC 2023, showcasing real-world scenarios

Xbox released 11 tech talk videos for the Game Developers Conference 2023, each of which showcases real-world scenarios such as how to retain players, tips for easier debugging, and why Game Pass is important from the makers of Halo Infinite, Sea of Thieves, Let’s Build A Zoo. Below, you can read about the videos and you can visit the official Xbox GDC 2023 page to view the videos:

During the Game Developers Conference 2023, Xbox had 11 tech talks go live showcasing real-world scenarios from the makers of Halo Infinite, Last Stop, Let’s Build a Zoo, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, Valheim, and more. The tech talks include:

*Valheim Case Study: Piktiv Shares Learnings from Integrating Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Services

*Accessible and inclusive developer tools – How Xbox is enabling more creators to build games with the GDK

*Tips from Rare for Easier Debugging of Unreal Engine 5 Games using Visual Studio

*From Application to Approval – Joining Xbox in Less than 30 Days through the new Onboarding Hub

*Stop losing players! Engage and Retain Players with Content they’ll love using Azure PlayFab ML-Powered Churn Prediction

*Cloud Solutions for Single Player Story-driven Games: Variable State talks Getting Started with ID@Azure

*How Minecraft’s need for scalable LiveOps led to the improved capability of Azure PlayFab Economy

*Why I chose Game Pass: No More Robots talks about growing their audience for Let’s Build a Zoo

*7 Steps To Make Halo More energy efficient and How You Can Do It Too

*Introducing the Developer Acceleration Program

*PlayFab Overview

For more details on the updates and announcements from Xbox at GDC this year, check out the official Microsoft Game Developer GDC 2023 page.

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