Xbox does GDC 2024 — Here’s what’s going on

There are a lot of events going on this week, and one of the biggest of course is Game Developer’s Conference. GDC 2024 has a bunch of stuff happening, and one of the biggest attendees is Microsoft and Xbox. They are there in full force as well, with a lot of new information to share. Xbox Wire has detailed a lot of that, and we’ve brought it over for you to peruse at your leisure. Happy GDC everyone!

  • How Xbox supports game developers from all sizes and is fueling growth globally
    • There are currently more than 3,500 titles in more than 100 countries in active development for Xbox.
    • More than 100 titles in development for Xbox consoles via the ID@Xbox program from Southeast Asia, Africa and India.
    • This January was the highest engagement ever on Xbox consoles measured by play time including ID@Xbox program member Pocket Pair, whose Xbox Game Preview title, Palworld, has more than 10,000,000 players on Xbox so far.
  • Xbox releases the Gaming for Everyone Product Inclusion Framework for game developers
    • Today, Xbox shared publicly for the first time The Gaming for Everyone Product Inclusion Framework, a set of actionable resources meant to help game developers – and the wider games industry – weave intentionality and inclusion into the products they make via four key areas or doorways: Approachability, Representation, Globalization and Accessibility.
      • Together, we call these the Inclusive Growth Doorways.
    • To help developers get started – and use the Framework in action – Xbox created a central Resource Hub, accessible via, which includes tangible examples, best practices, case studies and more.
    • Xbox has been using and evolving this framework internally since 2019 and is thrilled to offer it for anyone to use starting today.

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