World Series of Warzone celebrates the Global Finals as its biggest success to date

The Global Finals took place in London in front of a sellout arena of over three thousand fans. The event also achieved a peak viewership online of 378, 316 AMA. The continued success of the World Series of Warzone can only mean bigger and brighter events in the future. You can check out who won from the official release below:

The tournament was the first of its kind to host an in-person audience, and as a result, was undoubtedly its most successful to-date. The event boasted an astounding peak viewership of 378,316 AMA which is not surprising given the unprecedented growth of WSOW in recent years, with 80,793 total contestants entering the tournament since its inception in 2021.

The format of the tournament meant that there were two competitions for fans to enjoy, the WSOW trios squad competition and the iconic SoloYolo competition. The top 50 trios in the world competed in the former with Biffle, Sage, and Shifty coming out on top and taking home the $100k prize. The nail-biting final went down to the wire, with Team Biffle winning the final game with 24 Kills (125 overall).

Trio Squad competition winner Biffle, stated: “The fact this tournament was in-person made winning this year all the more special. The atmosphere was incredible and has helped engage a much wider community which is so promising to see! Esports as a sport is something we are truly are passionate about and to have such a large network of support has been really overwhelming!”

When it came to the SoloYolo format, 150 qualifying WSOW Global Final players battled it out but it was Skullface who took home the $100k prize, with Authorized and bbreadman narrowly missing out. Skullface secured his victory with an audacious 10th and final kill, in what was one of the most action-packed Call of Duty: Warzone matches ever. You can watch the winning moment, here.

On their win Skullface told fans, “The support shown at Esports tournaments in-person shows just how far this industry has come in terms of popularity and engagement. Coming in first has been an absolute pleasure to do at such an iconic venue.”

Please find all our winners and their respective gaming channels below:

Trio Winners

  1. Biffle
  2. Sage
  3. Shifty

SoloYolo Winners

  1. Skullface

2023 was an entirely unique year for the competition, as for the first time ever, players outside of North America and Europe could qualify for the WSOW Global Final ,making it the most international competition yet.

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