Wired Productions Unveils Black Label #02: The Town of Light

Wired Productions and Limited Run Games revealed the second addition to the Black Label collection, The Town of Light. Preorders are from August 31 to October 31.

According to Wire Productions,

The Black Label is a reflection of the way Wired Productions curates its games. It is a celebration of art, music and most importantly; the teams behind each release and their ethos and experiences. Limited to a maximum of 2,500 units, each is beautifully crafted and carefully selected to spotlight one of the many eclectic games Wired published from developers they love.

Black Label #02: The Town of Light includes

  • The Town Of Light (ESRB Region free) on PS4, enclosed in a brand new variant inlay and sleeve.
  • A collection of stunning art prints hand-chosen by LKA developer founder Luca Dalcò.
  • The CD and Digital Download soundtrack by acclaimed artist and musician Aseptic Void.
  • A Wired Razor authenticity card – individually numbered with just 2,500 available.
  • Iconic razor cut Alu-dibond art print.
  • Collectable trading cards from the Wired Productions collection.
  • All housed in a bespoke high-end Black Label silver box wrapped in the Wired Razor Sleeve – a black finish with an embossed tattoo motif.
  • Plus, a pretty cool and super exclusive bonus item that Wired will reveal later!

The game will be available on the Limited Run Games website for North America and the Wired Productions store.

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