Will your machine stand the test of time? – Capstone Games announces Corrosion

Have you ever wanted to relive the glory days of the industrial revolution and build an empire based on steam machinery? Well you’re in luck, because today Capstone Games have announced their new board game Corrosion!

In Corrosion, you play as a group of engineers in a factory who make machines by gathering resources like gears and steam. Put the machines and gears to clever use before your corrosion wheel is turned and your parts rust away!

There are three main suits: blue, green, and orange. In addition, there are a gray suit and a wild suit among the qualified engineers. An engineer of the wild suit can be played to copy the action of a lower-grade engineer of any of the three main suits but not the gray one! However, if you play an engineer of the wild suit on your turn, the other players can copy her action with a higher-grade engineer of any of the three main suits or wild suits. Be careful with your movements as players will be interacting with the cards you play and actions you choose!

Excited to see how your machines fare? Then you won’t have to wait long because you can preorder Corrosion now!

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