Will you escape the cube? Neverout comes out next month on Switch

Today, Gamedust announced that it will release its atmospheric puzzler Neverout on July 10 for the Nintendo Switch. Originally released for VR headsets, the game has been ported to the console with little to no changes to the core gameplay, and will entrap players with its chilling and unsettling setting.

Neverout is a complex spatial puzzle game with unconventional gameplay mechanics. The player wakes up in a cube and has to find a way out of this deadly trap. It quickly turns out that leaving the first room is only the beginning of the journey. Neverout is more than just 60 challenging levels. Difficulty level increases with every puzzle player manages to solve. Numerous obstacles, electric fields and deadly spikes will make the escape even harder. In order to avoid them, the player must use teleports, movable blocks and the ability to rotate a whole level around. At any given moment, even the slightest mistake can end tragically.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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