Wild Hearts adds new weapons, armor, and a winged foe in content update

The Tsukuyomi is the latest Kemono threatening the land of Azuma. Donning the nickname, “Specter of the Eclipse,” it powers its attacks using rays of sunlight rather than the standard Celestial Thread. Four new Serial quests are available that will have players’ skill’s tested against “volatile and mighty” Kemono. Find out more about today’s content update via their blog.

In our review of Wild Hearts, we scored it 90 out of 100 saying, “Wild Hearts brings a uniqueness to the monster hunting genre that keeps the experience feeling refreshing. The Karakuri and different weapon options are very fun to experiment with and present interesting combat opportunities. Overall, Wild Hearts capitalizes on what made monster hunting games so much fun in the first place while still giving fans of the genre a new reason to get excited and dive back into the fight.”

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