Wild Card Football brings in the big guns with legendary QB DLC

Announced today, Wild Card Football is going back to the past to influence the future. A new “Legacy QB” pack is arriving in the store, featuring quarterbacks like Kurt Warner and Randall Cunningham. This is a cool way to do DLC, and I look forward to my eventual super team defense of Lawrence Taylor and John Lynch.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Jan. 12, 2024 – Super Wild Card Weekend is here! To celebrate, Saber Interactive, in partnership with the NFL Players Association and OneTeam Partners, is excited to unveil the first post-launch premium DLC for Wild Card Football, the over-the-top arcade football game for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The “Legacy QB Pack” DLC introduces four iconic legends with their own unique outfits – Warren Moon, Steve Young, Kurt Warner and Randall Cunningham – and will be available soon. A free update adding a new field, players, cosmetics, vanities, and celebrations is also coming soon for all players.

Alongside the announcement, Saber unveiled a new accolades trailer showcasing just a slice of the hype Wild Card Football has received since it kicked off last fall!

Combining extreme, 7-on-7 action with bombastic moves, style and energy, Wild Card Football is an over-the-top, pick-up-and-play video game featuring an authentic roster of hundreds of pro football superstars, including Colin Kaepernick, Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes II, Justin Jefferson, T.J. Watt, Joey Bosa, Ja’Marr Chase, Aaron Donald and many more. Mix and match players from your favorite teams to create the ultimate dream squad, customizing everything from logos, uniforms, playbooks and more.

The unique Wild Card system lets you change the course of the action in an instant with special power-ups and rule-breaking abilities across a variety of game modes, including Season play, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer with full crossplay.

Key Features

  • Create Your Dream Team: Choose from hundreds of genuine pro players, reimagined Playgrounds-style, and assemble the ultimate 7-on-7 gridiron squad. Advance through different challenges and events to unlock new players and other exciting rewards.
  • Play Your Wild Cards: Unleash over 150 Wild Cards to turn the tide in your favor in an instant. Bust out special moves like summoning walls or invisibility, boost your stats at a crucial moment, or play a Rule-Breaker and flip the rules of the game completely.
  • Become a Gridiron Champion: Prove your skills in single-player Season mode, climb to the top of the leaderboards in competitive online multiplayer with full crossplay, or challenge your friends for bragging rights in local multiplayer.
  • Fully Customize Your Squad: Personalize your team’s logo, uniforms and colors, choose your home stadium, then build unique playbooks and Wild Card decks to perfect your strategies on the field.

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