What’s cookin’, good lookin’? Cooking Simulator to be released this December

Today, Wastelands Interactive and PlayWay announced that they will release the new cooking simulator… Cooking Simulator for Steam on December 6. The game will allow you to make some realistically delicious food with some real-world mechanics.

Embrace the role of the cook and add a little taste to your customers’ lives. You prefer well- known recipes? That’s fine. But what if you feel a bit frisky and want to try something new for a change? Stoves on! Chop, blend, bake, fry and cook. The kitchen is your customizable personal playground and it’s up to you to run it. You’re the virtuoso here after all.

The start can be rough, that’s true, but practice makes perfect. Trust us! Don’t know where to begin? For instance, try to prepare your IRL dinner. You have an ultra-realistic simulator at your disposal. Wait… did we just say “ultra-realistic”? Oh boy, here we go again…

Ever juggled paprika? It might be a bit weird thing to do in front of your family but hey! You’re the boss here, right? Do whatever you want, even if it’s not actual cooking. Bet youhit this big can on the shelf with your knife. The advanced physics give you free rein over the kitchen.

Oh, and don’t burn the kitchen (and food for that matter) or bust. Thank God it’s just a game. If things get heated up too much, you can always be the hero that saves the day in the most delightful way. After all, Cooking Simulator is what YOU want it to be. Whether you want to master all the cooking skills or run around the kitchen smashing pumpkins and painting with ketchup – this is the game you want!

Check out the gallery of pictures above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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