What’s coming next in Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s Fall & Winter seasonal content

Winter is coming. Well, not yet, we only just got to Fall. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t find out what’s arriving in both during Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s seasonal drops. You can expect a bunch of new missions and crossovers, along with some great zombie shredding weapons along the way. The graphic is above, and the cool details are below, bring a light jacket and prepare for the changing of the Villedor seasons.

Wrocław, Poland – September 21, 2023 – Techland reveals a sneak peek for Dying Light 2 Stay Human upcoming wave of free content updates. Over the next couple of months, players can expect a variety of new features including new missions and activities such as the co-op oriented Tower Raid, an answer to the community’s request for dungeon-type raids. New enemy variants, weapon repair, more free outfits as well as knives and polearm weapons are also in development, among other additions. Last but not least: to give players even more destruction tools, Techland will introduce firearms to Dying Light 2 Stay Human, as another creative way of dispatching enemies.

The calendar would not be complete without crossovers and in-game events. This October, Villedor will welcome bloodthirsty Kindred from Vampire: The Masquerade, and will continue the descent into the spooky season with the Halloween event. Next, players can expect a crossover with Ubisoft’s For Honor, and we’ll cap the year off with a winter celebration.

We’re especially glad to see that many of the submissions via the Community Ideas program turned out to be aligned with our approach to evolving the game and turning it into an ever-expanding zombie experience. We appreciate the players’ input and will continue to listen, as we stay committed to a minimum of five years of post-launch support.

More details will be shared during the Discord AMA with Dying Light Franchise Director, Tymon Smektala, on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. As always, visit the Pilgrim Outpost for more information on Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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