Well-earned callus — Ubisoft announces Rocksmith+ subscription service

There’s no doubt that Rocksmith truly is an innovative and amazing way to learn guitar.  Whether it’s bass, lead, or rhythm, the game lets you play songs that you know rather than banging out Mary Had A Little Lamb over and over.  I’d much rather plink out Don’t Fear The Reaper from Blue Öyster Cult, wouldn’t you?  Well, Ubisoft has been steadily releasing tracks for over a decade for Rocksmith, and now they are back with a whole new service to help gamers become masters of shred with Rocksmith+.  Rocksmith+ is an interactive music learning subscription service, incorporating brands like Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer guitars in the comfort of your own home.  Best of all, it looks like we’ll be seeing this new service come to life very soon as a closed beta has kicked off….today!

All songs will now contain chord charts, and the extra cable to join in is no longer required.  Now you’ll be able to use your phone to sync up.

Rocksmith workshop will let players make their own arrangements across a ton of genres far beyond rock.

The system now has more robust tracking, but also recommendations to learn tricky bits so you can see how your individual skills are improving across all of your skills.

Even the world’s premier music learning software needs fine-tuning. So they’re inviting you to test it out free and make Rocksmith+ even better. Pick up your acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, and register for the Rocksmith+ PC closed beta today, where you’ll get early access to exclusive features like:

Realtime Feedback – Connect your instrument for accurate note detection
Riff Repeater – Control song speeds so you can practice at your own pace
An Expansive Library – Choose from a vast and ever-growing library of songs

You can sign up for your own shot at Rock and Roll stardom, or at least a beta key, right here.

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