WayForward is holding a River City Girls giveaway to celebrate the beat ’em up’s release

River City Ransom holds a special place in a lots of players’ hearts even 30 years after its release. Now, it looks like it’s gotten a worthy follow-up with River City Girls. This modern beat ’em up casts players as Kyoko and Miyako, two high school girls fighter through hordes of foes to rescue their boyfriends, the protagonists of the original River City Ransom.

Developed by WayForward, the studio behind games like Shantae, Mystik Belle, and Ducktales Remastered, River City Girls updates the classic genre gameplay with gorgeous new graphics and an upbeat synthpop soundtrack.

To celebrate the game’s release, WayForward is giving away five copies of the game on its Twitter feed. You’ll have to act fast to enter, as the contest only runs through the end of the day Friday, September 6.


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