Wayfinder’s PlayStation blog talks character design and Early Access details

PlayStation’s latest blog hosted the Creative Director of Wayfinder, Joe Madureira. He mainly discussed the thought process behind designing characters for the game, but additionally announced the start date for Early Access. Starting August 15 players can get into Early Access by purchasing one of four Founder’s Packs available on the PlayStation Store. The packs also contain exclusive cosmetic items that won’t be available once it leaves Early Access.

Wayfinder enters Early Access on PS4 and PS5 on August 15. Season 1 puts the spotlight on Venomess, a Wayfinder that loves to play with her prey while switching between ranged and melee combat with ease. Her chemicals can poison her enemies and strengthen her allies, and her thrusters give her tremendous mobility.

You can support Wayfinder’s development and gain entry to Early Access by purchasing one of four Founder’s Packs available at PlayStation Store. In addition to Early Access, Founders will unlock a set of time-limited and exclusive rewards that will never again be available in Wayfinder: including character skins like Hyroic Kyros, as well as a unique weapon, and mount. You can also upgrade your Founder’s Pack at any time via PlayStation Store.

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