Watch your words with a new trailer for The Path of Motus

Michael Hicks has recently released a new trailer for the upcoming game The Path of Motus. The video shows a new character in the story as main character Motus tries to construct a bridge. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam later this year.

Today’s trailer reveals several new features, including a new character in the story: Motus’ father. At 6 years old, Motus’ attempt at bridge building is belittled by his father, who proclaims his creations as a “waste of time” and “unrealistic.” As the story progresses, Motus will gradually grow into an adult and discover the deeper reasons for his father’s actions. This complicated father-son relationship is one of many opportunities where players can explore the motivations of others. “In a time where bullying is on the rise, I designed this game to teach both resilience and empathy. I want players to understand how it feels to be bullied, and explore ways of dealing with it through gameplay”, explains Hicks.

A lot of Hicks’ own experiences with bullying are in this game, and ironically, teaching himself to make video games gave him an outlet to deal with it. On top of the game’s message, he hopes to give back in other ways: “I’ve started a Youtube channel where I show people how to make their own games. At the end of my video series, viewers will make their own video game that can be released on PC and consoles!” You can find these videos on The Path of Motus website.

For those that are attending PAX East this year, the game will be playable in the Indie Minibooth, and Hicks will be available to contact during the first two days of the event. Check out the video above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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