Watch Call of Duty: NEXT, see Modern Warfare III and get free stuff

It wasn’t just enough to see what’s coming next for Call of Duty. They had to go and give me free stuff as well. Call of Duty: NEXT is huge, and we’re going to see a ton of what the incoming Modern Warfare III has to offer, but that’s not all. If you watch on Twitch or YouTube with a connected account, you’ll get a few freebies to start Modern Warfare III with, including a weapon blueprint. Check the intel below and instructions to link your account, and get ready for COD: NEXT tomorrow (October 5th)!

Call of Duty: NEXT returns at 9:00 AM PT on October 5, 2023, and can be watched live on the Official Call of Duty Twitch® Channel or Call of Duty YouTube® Channel. Call of Duty: NEXT is the premier showcase event for Modern Warfare III Multiplayer, Call of Duty: Warzone™, and more.

Viewers who link their Activision ID with YouTube and/or Twitch can earn Call of Duty: NEXT Drops for Modern Warfare III for every 20 minutes they tune into the event.

Multiplayer Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Make sure you have every advantage in your arsenal in Modern Warfare III as these items will be in your inventory at Launch on November 10, 2023*.

Get the “Robotic Gamer” Emblem, “Curve Monitor” Calling Card, “Bot Ops” Weapon Charm, and the “Death Upload” Weapon Blueprint to show other operators that you were a part of Call of Duty: NEXT.

For more information on linking accounts, see our Managing Your Activision Account support page here and below.

*Note that while you will earn the rewards for viewing the Call of Duty: NEXT event on October 5, 2023, they will not be available to use in-game until the launch of Modern Warfare III on November 10, 2023.

Call of Duty: NEXT Viewership Rewards FAQ


·      Create your Activision account and link your, PSN, Xbox or Steam account.

·      Sign up here


Link your YouTube or Twitch Account with Call of Duty

·      Link on Twitch

·      Link on YouTube


·      Watch live on your preferred platform while signed in with a linked account to earn rewards.

·      Twitch: After achieving the unlock requirement you must claim your drop here. Open to eligible regions. See Official Rules.[LH1] [OC2]

·      Twitch – Claim Rewards:

Terms and conditions are online.

Stay Frosty.

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