Warframe unmasks the truth in new update, The Sacrifice

Popular PC game Warframe will be receiving a new update this week on Steam entitled The Sacrifice. While all Warframe players have The Sacrifice available to them, this high level piece of content will only be accessible to the players once they have completed the prior story beats, including The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Sorrow, and Apostasy Prologue. The Sacrifice brings with it many new features, and you can get a full rundown here:

UMBRA, AT LAST: Ferocious and untamed, Umbra’s fury is second only to his mastery of the blade. Complete The Sacrifice to discover the power of Umbra.
UI, PRIMED: Warframe’s user interface is ever-evolving. Experience the first step in this brand-new UI, including a revamped inventory menu, customizable UI themes, updated vendor menus (like Baro, Syndicates, etc.), new UI sounds across all menus, and more!
TENNO CUSTOMIZATIONS: Embrace the shadows with these ancient Orokin masterpieces.
Umbra Armor: Eclipse the darkness of Umbra with this Armor Set for any Warframe.
Umbra Operator Cosmetics: Adorn your Operator with these ascendant Cosmetics.
Umbra Hooded Scarf: Prowl the night with this masterful scarf.
Umbra Blindfold: Embrace the shadows with this elegant blindfold.
Umbra Diadem: Adorn your Operator with this ascendant crown.
Umbra Earpiece: Dazzle your foes with these ancient earpieces.
Umbra Kubrow Armor: Howl at the moon with the Umbra Kubrow Armor Set.
Umbra Kavat Armor: The Umbra Kavat Armor Set embodies the height of feline Fashion Frame.

Be sure to check out the new Warframe trailer above, as well as the gallery below. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more on all the surprises E3 2018 has to offer.

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