War Robots: Frontiers is free to play this weekend

MY.GAMES is opening the doors for players to try out their mech shooter this weekend. War Robots: Frontiers will be available to everyone until April 24 at 11 AM CEST via Steam and MGLauncher. A 33% discount on the Pioneer Packs will last until April 26 for those who want to continue playing past the weekend. More details including a new story trailer are below:

APPM-3TR Story Trailer - War Robots: Frontiers

Frontiers will bring players to a new star system 200 years into the future, alongside a familiar character who is still hanging around from the original War Robots. Revealed at the War Robots Live Show, a new story trailer shows the journey of APPM-3TR (App-mee-tah), who will become players’ mentor and guide through the Wild Ten star system in future updates. Where the original War Robots was a war for domination of Earth, War Robots: Frontiers sees players as mercenary Robot Pilots desperately earning their keep while fighting for control of the Wild Ten. Megacorporations have set their sights on these unclaimed planets, and Pilots will need their patronage to secure their livelihoods.

Starting today, players can break into the mayhem of the Wild Ten, free of charge, until April 24 at 11 AM CEST on Steam and via MGLauncher. Players will have access to all of the game’s content throughout the free weekend and can take advantage of up to 33% off Pioneer Packs until April 26 to continue their adventure into the Wild Ten.

Any progress made during the free weekend will carry over when the player buys the Pioneer Packs that not only contain access to the game but also useful in-game items. Pioneers also can participate in the development of the game by trying out new features first and helping the developers by sharing feedback and suggestions on the official Discord server. When Early Access ends at a later date, the game will become free-to-play (following a progression wipe).

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