Viking survival game Dead in Vinland coming to Switch in Q2 2019, The Battle of the Heodenings DLC available now on PC

Developer CCCP and publisher Playdius (Bury me, my Love and A Normal Lost Phone) announced today that the viking themed survival game Dead in Vinland is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. In addition, the major DLC, Endless Mode: The Battle of the Heodenings, has been released for the PC of the game.

In Dead in Vinland, players must survive the lands of Vinland by balancing their resources and defending themselves against enemies in tactical turn-based combat. They will be responsible for taking care of their community at all costs by building a team with over 600 character traits with groups of up to 14 playable characters. It also includes over 70 non-linear quests, evolving relationships with different characters, and over 130 upgrades to their shelter.

In addition to the news about the game heading to Nintendo Switch, Endless Mode: Battle of the Heodenings has been released on the PC version of the game. This mode will feature an endless tribute system, where procedurally generated tributes appear with increasing difficulty, tiles are fully randomized and regenerated after time is based, and bosses can appear during random encounters. This mode also lacks a storyline and dialog, encouraging replayability.

Dead in Vinland will be released on Nintendo Switch in Q2 2019. The new DLC, Endless Mode: The Battle of Heodenings is available now on PC for $4.99. For more information, visit the official Steam page.

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