VENN, a new party game involving surreal art cards as the only form of communication, is available now

The Op, creators of Telestrations and other fan-favorite party games, has announced their latest release VENN. In VENN, players must use surreal art cards as the only form of communication and compete in friendly competition. You can learn more about VENN and find links to purchase below:

Get ready to kick board-om to the curb! The Op – creator of fan-favorite party games including the best-selling Telestrations – has officially unveiled the latest addition to its iconic line-up: VENN [$24.99, Ages 10+ | 2+ Players, Playtime 20-30 Min], a clever party game where clues and art overlap!

A new take on the familiar Venn diagrams we saw in school, VENN provides surreal art cards as the only form of communication to spark friendly competition. Go head-to-head or work together to find three secret words based on where the Clue Giver arranges the Art Cards onto brightly colored Venn diagram circles. Decipher the Art Cards, find the similarities, come to the right conclusions, and win!

The game is available at Target and on The Op’s site.

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