Vanillabeast: Retro Knock-Out! announces Kickstarter campaign launching in April

Vanillabeast: Retro Knock-Out! is an upcoming boxing parody game featuring retro-inspired gameplay from Vanilla Game Company. The game will include over 30 parodied boxers, a 10-point scoring system, and classic soundtracks alongside parody tracks. A Kickstarter campaign will also go live in April! Check out more details below:

Retro Knock-Out! TKO 1 RD Fake Jaul + General Tips | Developer Walkthrough

Game Features:

–Over 30 parody boxers with hilarious intros, dialog, and animations. Face off against Fake Jaul, Mason Gorehees, Cocky, Iron Druggo, Macho Boxer Dandy Ravage, Smasher Wang, and of course the reigning champ.. Tike Myson.

–10-point must scoring system, just like the pros use.

–Classic soundtrack featuring original 8-Bit chiptunes as well as modern parody tracks.

–Gorgeous character and level design paying homage to the OG Punch-Out!

Kickstarter in April, here is the waiting page:

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