Up to 43% off Pimax Headsets, with trade-in credits for 12K launch in the fall

It’s not just the Steam Sale giving great deals right now, Pimax is also joining in the fun. Discounting every single piece of hardware in their lineup. Some of the discounts are downright staggering, so if you were interested in joining the VR fun, you could do so having saved upwards of 43% off your purchase! Make sure you also check out the notes below the sale page as there are some cool sales in the footnotes you might not otherwise catch. For example, if you buy a Pimax 5K Super (or any other headset they sell) now, you’ll get a whopping $900 deduction on the upcoming 12K QLED when it launches in Q4 of 2022.

There are also some opportunities in their refurbished section that could net you even more savings, with each one coming with a 1 year warranty to give you some peace of mind.  Better still, even those refurbished units are eligible for the same trade-in program!

Honestly, I’m still floored that the Shanghai-based VR manufacturer is offering such an excellent and generous trade-in program.  Literally every dime you spend today is money off their newest product when it launches in the fall.  That’d be the equivalent of buying a PlayStation 4 today and getting all of your money back on a PlayStation 5 later on.   There’s literally no risk.

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If you are a VR junkie in need of an upgrade, somebody interested in trying VR for the first time, or somewhere in between, there’s never been a better time to snap up an HMD.   While you wait for yours to arrive, you can check out our review of the Pimax 5K Super (review) or the Pimax 8K X (review).  You can bet we are eagerly awaiting our chance to check out the 12K X when it ships this holiday — stay tuned!

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The Pimax Sales Event won’t last forever — it ends when July 1st hits, so don’t wait too long to pull that trigger.

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