Unreal Engine 5 shines in Lords of the Fallen technical showcase

Today, CI Games held an Unreal Tech Demo to highlight impressive detail and immersion in their newest title, Lords of the Fallen. Character customization was one of the focus points as the trailer showed how character clothing seamlessly adapts to whatever shape the player chooses. Lords of the Fallen will release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, and is available to Wishlist here. There is much more to see, so check it out below alongside key features:

LORDS OF THE FALLEN - State of Unreal Technical Showcase Trailer GDC | Wishlist: PC, PS5 & Xbox X/S

Lords of the Fallen Key Features:

–A vast, interconnected world – over five times larger than the original game

–An expansive RPG experience – a huge roster of NPCs to meet and stories to uncover

–Tactical combat – a fast, fluid and challenging combat system

–Devastating magic – a vast array of offensive and defensive spells to master

–Uninterrupted online multiplayer – seamless world exploration in co-op mode

–Define your legend – full character customisation and progression

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