Uncover sinister secrets with Home Sweet Home launching today

Today, Mastiff has announced the release of the first-person survival horror game, Home Sweet Home. Players are thrown into a dark, twisted labyrinth filled with dread, fear, and anxiety.

After a long night filled with mourning and sorrow over the recent disappearance of his wife, Tim awakens to find himself in a strange, dilapidated building instead of the comfort of his own home. Confused, he desperately begins to search for an escape while trying to locate his wife, avoiding malevolent spirits and unveiling sinister secrets in the process.

Home Sweet Home features a story based on terrifying Thai lore, myths, and beliefs. Without a way to fight back, players must use their wits, stealth, and investigative skills in order to not only survive, but discover the truth behind Tim’s situation. Be sure to check out the trailer above and stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more news and updates.

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