Two Point Campus is heading to PC and consoles on May 17th, 2022

The highly anticipated Two Point Campus has finally set a release date of May 17th, 2022 for PC and consoles. Better yet, the game will be landing day 1 on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass. You can check out a new trailer above and read below for more details:

London, England – January 27, 2022 – SEGA Europe Limited. and Two Point Studios Limited are delighted to confirm that the highly anticipated game Two Point Campus™, is coming to PC and consoles May 17, 2022! Players can head over to to pre-order a physical copy of the game, or pre-purchase Two Point Campus for Steam, Sony PlayStation® 4|5, Microsoft® Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, digitally via the first party store fronts – with the Nintendo Switch pre-purchase via the eShop soon to follow. Two Point Campus will also be available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC Game Pass on day one. Get ready for some Campus fun right now.

In Two Point Campus you will be able to build the campus of your dreams, while shaping the lives of your students to give them the adventure of a lifetime, full of meaningful relationships, fun extracurricular activities and of course…top quality education. After all, happy students and good grades will lead to an increase in Campus prestige, which means you can enrol more students, and coincidentally, make more money…

Rather than the typical academic fare, students in Two Point County enjoy plenty of weird and wonderful courses, such as Gastronomy, where they will learn how to make oversized culinary delights. The more technologically minded students can take up Robotics classes, where science, teachers and students come together to build giant robots. Each student has their own unique character traits, so you’ll need to make sure to cater to all their unique needs to develop them into well-rounded individuals who will do the legacy of your university proud.

Like Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus is a charming, accessible, and deep management sim, but for the first time, you will be able to build your Campus from the ground up. Design stylish dormitories for your students, lay down ornamental pathways and forests, and pimp up your Campus with new easy-to-use creative tools to build your own educational masterpiece.

Bonus Items for Campus & Hospital

Get ready for your university adventure today, by pre-ordering Two Point Campus now to get your hands on some exclusive in-game bonus items that will spice up your Campus at launch. Decorate your gardens with a U-shaped ‘Topiary’, satisfy your thirst for learning with the ‘Fountain of Knowledge’ and get your very own ‘Pearl of Wisdom’. If you own Two Point Hospital and you pre-order Two Point Campus, it’s your lucky day, as Hospital owners will receive* some awesome free in-game items for Two Point Hospital, like a Varsity jacket and a suit of armour. If you purchase a physical copy of Two Point Campus, you’ll receive the “Enrolment Edition”, which comes with an awesome fold out Campus Map, a stylish University Prospectus and exclusive packaging.

For more information about Two Point Campus head to, where you can sign up for County Pass today, which unlocks the most sought after free in-game item at launch: The Golden Toilet! You can follow the game on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. For more information about SEGA Europe, log on to and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube , Twitch or on Twitter.

*Two Point Hospital owners that pre-order a physical copy of Two Point Campus will receive the free in-game items when Two Point Campus launches on May 17, 2022. Hospital owners that pre-purchase Campus digitally for Steam, Xbox or PlayStation will be able to claim their free items straight away. Players that own Hospital on Nintendo Switch will be able to pre-purchase Campus via the Nintendo eShop very soon, which will then unlock the free items at launch.

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