Two-player cold war strategy sim Precipice now available on Steam

Missiles ready, the cold war strategy game of chicken, Precipice, is now available on Steam. It can be played solo against a computer or against another player in 2-player online matches.

Precipice lends itself to missile-crisis standoffs where the last one to blink wins — though push too hard, and the whole world may be lost. It spans forty years of hostilities between the United States and Soviet Union, and forces players to decide when to push their own contentious actions and when to back down from them. The advanced AI observes player behavior and makes assumptions and judgments about their rival’s personality and character, their intended strategy, and develops a plan of its own to counter. Also, it features (adorable) animals in suits.

Precipice features leaders from 74 countries represented as animals from that region, the ability to manage resources from your region and territories under your control to get an advantage over your opponents, and simple gameplay that is difficult to master.

Precipice is available now on PC via Steam for $11.99 with a temporary 20% off discount. For more information, visit the game’s Steam page.

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