Two heads are better than none in PHOGS!, a physics-based puzzle game by Coatsink and Bit Loom

Today, publisher Coatsink announced a new title by developers Bit Loom called PHOGS! that is part co-op puzzler, part physics based, and all strange.

In PHOGS!, players take control as a duo of dogs connected similarly to how CatDog is connected, if CatDog was actually DogDog. Using these two dogs, players make their way through a colorful world inspired by Mario 3D World, Noby Noby Boy, Hohokum, and Adventure Time. Each player, or stick if played solo, is used to control each of the dogs as they navigate through various obstacles.

PHOGS! contains 30 diverse levels set across multiple worlds using ‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’ style controls to play alone or stretch your co-operative abilities with a friend as you learn to work together to advance along your adventure and discover more of the Phoggyverse.

PHOGS! does not yet have a platform announced, but the developers are looking into as many platforms as possible with a 2019 launch. PHOGS! will be playable at Pax Easter, EGX Rezzed, and Bitsummit over the next few months.


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