Two fan-favorite heists return in PAYDAY 3’s Legacy Patch

The heists keep coming and they don’t stop coming as Deep Silver is adding new content to PAYDAY 3. The Legacy Patch (1.0.2) brings back Cook Off and Turbid Station with new visuals and updates. Those aren’t the only quality-of-life improvements available, as the team dropped more details in their latest announcement. Check it out!

Today’s Legacy Patch (1.0.2) for PAYDAY 3 offers:

  • Two Legacy Heists (Cook Off & Turbid Station)
  • The Transporter skill line
  • First-person interaction animations
  • In-game weapon inspect
  • Added Infamy Points to heist payouts
  • The “Under Wraps” mask
  • The “Compact7 Lycan” preset weapon
  • 200+ bug fixes and many balancing and quality-of-life improvements

Continuing with its Year-1 post launch content, PAYDAY 3 players can also look forward to the release of Syntax Error this December.

The four most well-known clown-masked criminals in recent video game history returned from retirement last September in PAYDAY 3 on PC via PC Game Pass, Steam, and the Epic Games Store, as well as Xbox Series X|S, on Console Game Pass, PlayStation 5, and GeForce Now.

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