Tweaking the presidency — Suzerain gets it’s 2.0 update

I love a good simulation, and Suzerain’s narrative based “choose your own adventure” stylings certainly made an impact on me. In my review I stated, “After the credits rolled I had to make my return trip back home, at least mentally, but the people and places I visited in my time there still ring in my ears.” At this point the game is available in plenty of places compared to being land-locked on PC like it was during my review, spanning Switch and mobile platforms now as well. That said, Torpor has been hard at work enhancing what’s already there, and the huge 2.0 update is now live. Check out the details below, and keep watching for the incoming DLC, “Kingdom of Rizia“, which arrives later this year.

First 48 minutes of gameplay - Suzerain [PC] - [Gaming Trend]

Berlin, 31.07.2023 – Unveiling the 2.0 ” Amendment” update, Suzerain is now reborn! Now enriched with fresh dialogues, impactful choices, and tangible consequences. Bask in the enhanced visuals, interactive world map, and intuitive UI designed to captivate new and seasoned players alike. This comprehensive overhaul refines the game narrative, improves quality, and elevates the audiovisual experience, making every moment in Suzerain even more memorable.

The key additions in the 2.0 “Amendment” update are:

  • Overhaul UI
  • Expanded universe and map
  • New storylines
  • Collectible items
  • Manual save/load system
  • Gamepad support
  • Torpor mode (ironman mode)
  • 200+ news and reports
  • New sounds effects
  • New and updated music
  • New country, city, and event tokens

“We are thrilled to announce the Suzerain 2.0 “Amendment” update,” says Ata Sergey Nowak. “It is a major overhaul that improves every game aspect with new features, content, and audiovisual enhancements. The update also includes many bug fixes, further balancing, writing improvements, and more.”

The Suzerain 2.0 “Amendment” update is the culmination of a year-long endeavor by the Torpor Games team to refine and expand upon the original game. The update showcases the studio’s commitment to its community and passion for delivering unique gaming experiences that resonate with players.

The update is even more special because it represents the new co/publishing collaboration between Torpor Games and Fellow Traveller. This unprecedented collaboration marks a significant step forward for both, combining their expertise to elevate narrative gaming experiences to new heights. Torpor Games assumes greater publishing responsibilities, solidifying its position in the games industry.

The update will debut with a limited-time discount, followed by a subsequent price increase upon official launch. The price will increase to reflect the added value and enhancements. This makes the initial release period the optimal time for players to purchase and secure their copy at the most favorable price point!

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Suzerain news and info!

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