Tricky Towers builds a strong, sturdy foundation on Nintendo Switch, available now

Today, Weirdbeard Games released the Nintendo Switch port of their block stacking puzzle game, Tricky Towers. This game will feature single-player challenges and a variety of multiplayer modes. There will also be free brick skins available for free and new characters such as Octodad available as paid DLC.

In this frantic tower building physics game players start off by choosing a friendly looking wizard character, picking a funny looking brick style and selecting one of the several game modes for online or offline (local) play. The objective is simple: stack your bricks, create a stable tower and out wizard your opponent with skills and spells. The outcome on the other hand is not so simple, resulting in everything from laughter, surprise, competitiveness or pretty much every other emotion…

The single-player will feature score challenges and 50 wizard trials. These are designed to teach the player about different modes such as Survival, Puzzle, Race, and Endless. When players are confident enough, they can challenge others online or locally in a single game or tournament format. These modes include race, which has players racing to the top as fast as they can, survival, where players have to hold out on dropping three pieces before their opponents do, and puzzle, where players figure out how to place as many pieces as they can in a confined space.

Tricky Towers is available now on Nintendo Switch for $14.99. It is also available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information, visit the official website.

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