Tower defense title Siege of Centauri to be officially released on September 12th

Siege of Centauri, the tower defense game that takes place in the Ashes of the Singularity universe, will be released out of Steam Early Access on September 12th, 2019. Players will have the ability to create their own missions with the Scenario Workshop and then upload them for other players to try.

In Siege of Centauri, players defend their colony against relentless waves of thousands of enemies. In the campaign, they will follow the story of Earth’s defenders and progress through increasingly difficult scenarios in their mission to protect the colony at all costs. Dozens of upgrades are available for the defense towers, leaving the player with important decisions regarding how best to equip their defenses on each map.

“With tens of thousands of enemy machines pouring toward your base, we wanted to give players a very new experience of what it means to defend themselves against overwhelming odds,” said lead designer Derek Paxton. “In addition, we’ve incorporated several strategic elements into the genre, including defending resources and deploying rapid response teams to battle. Our goal was to provide players with difficult choices about which areas to defend and which areas to let go, leading to greater strategic depth.”

Siege of Centauri will be released out of Steam Early Access on September 12th, 2019. A few months ago, we had a chance to check out the early access build of the game. Check out our preview here. For more information on the game or to pick it up while it’s still in early access, visit the game’s Steam page.

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