Torna – The Golden Country is Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s new DLC

During Nintendo’s E3 Nintendo Direct they showed off the DLC expansion coming down the pipe for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Torna — The Golden Country. Since the game launched last year, they have been selling an expansion pass that promised a large single-player add-on for the game, and today we finally got to see what that entailed.

You won’t be controlling Rex this time around, you’ll be playing as characters that were on the other side of the conflict. The story is set 500 years prior to events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and you will be in control of Jin, Lora, and others that will be returning from the base version of Xenoblade Chronicles. Your goal, like it was originally, is to take down Malos, one of the legendary Aegis blades.

If you have the Expansion Pass already, this will be coming as part of that on September 14. Interestingly, it will also be released as a retail package that includes a download code for the Expansion Pass on September 21. They did not announce a price for the retail version, but the Expansion Pass on the eShop is $29.99, so I’d presume it matches that price.

Xenoblade was a wonderful and exhaustive RPG from Monolith Soft. If you managed to run out of content in the base game, this looks like a great new addition.

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