Tom Clancy’s The Division’s fourth Global Event, “Ambush” has begun with a new trailer

Today, Ubisoft released a new trailer for the fourth Global Event titled, “Ambush” that will run for the next week.

This new Global Event will add modifiers to your regular gameplay experience such as new global event caches using tokens, and new challenges. This even adds a new vanity outfit, weapon skins, face masks, and more. Modifiers added include:

  • Ambush – A global modifier where agents deal increased damage when they are stationary.
  • Covert Ambush – An activity modifier that includes the ambush behavior and health diminishing while moving.
  • Strategic Ambush – A group modifier using the Cover Ambush behavior while health diminishes when close to allies.

Rewards for this Global Event are:

  • Alpha Bridge Classified Gear Set
  • Firecrest Classified Gear Set
  • Hunter’s Faith Classified Gear Set
  • Tactician’s Authority Classified Gear Set
  • Bug Facemask
  • Cage Facemask
  • Haze Facemask

Global Event 4: Ambush will run from January 23rd to January 30th. For more information on this Global Event, visit the official website.


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