Titan Army brings three gaming-focused monitors for the holidays

Titan Army, a company aiming squarely at gaming monitors, is launching three new monitors for the US Market — a curved 32″,  a 27″ flat panel high-refresh monitor, and 24″ 1080p monitor 100Hz entry level monitor. All of these have one other hidden distinct objective as we head into the holiday season, and that’s to save you a bit of cash. Since this is their debut for the United States, let’s meet the players:

As you can see, two are 1440p monitors, with the third coming in at 1080p. With all of them having strong contrast ratios and nice brightness values, the panel type is the real focus. If you are unfamiliar, the panel type is one of the primary determining factors of a monitor’s maximum refresh rate, and when we are talking about most titles, frames make games.

VA panels have been used for a while now, and they’ve always introduced ghosting and smearing effects, which ruins the image of any game you are trying to play. Much of that is due to a slow refresh rate (often 2-3ms), but recent advancements (dubbed “Fast VA”) leans into the advantages of VA, but pulls that response time down to 1ms, putting it in line with anything the best monitors on the market can deliver.

The other panel type in use is IPS, which is a well-established panel type in wide use. The biggest advantage that IPS has is a higher top end on refresh rates, reaching as high as 500Hz, where VA panels typically top out at 240. In the case of these three, the N32AQ Plus runs at a crisp 144Hz and the P27A2R-27 bumping up to 180Hz. The last panel being more budget minded still puts in a very respectable 100Hz.

Entirely too many manufacturers, especially in their debut in the North American market, show up with a one year warranty, or worse, 90 days. Titan Army has been making high-quality gaming monitors since 2014 and they come correct with a 3 year warranty right out of the gate.

I did mention that these three are aimed at saving you some dollars for the holidays, and you see it reflected in their pricing. Well, we are here to help as well. Below you’ll find the Amazon link to pick them up, along with a coupon code to help take just a little more off at checkout.

  • ($299 MSRP) P27A2R link:
    Discount code to get $12 off: GAMING27
  • ($299 MSRP) N32SQ Plus link:
    Discount code to get $12 off: GAMING32
  • ($129 MSRP) P24H2P:
    Discount code to get $10 off: GAMING24

We’ll be taking a closer look at these monitors in the near future, so stay tuned!

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