Time can make you wither, The Watchmaker to be released on Steam on May 17th

Today, Micropsia Games and publisher 1C Company have release a new trailer for their steampunk puzzle-adventure game, The Watchmaker. This trailer highlights the story of the game as well as gives its official release date.

The Watchmaker is a puzzle-adventure game where players assume the role of Alexander, where he is tasked each day to repair his clock tower every day. Players, while being guided by a mysterious voice, have to solve puzzles before withering away by the unique aging process that replaces the usual health bar. In addition to the puzzles, players explore 5 extensive locations, wield magnetic gloves with the ability to control time, and even fight bosses.

Join Alexander, the clock keeper and main protagonist, on his journey through the clock tower, full of enormous gears and mechanisms, where the collapse of time itself has begun. His precious clock has been sabotaged causing Alexander’s natural aging process to be greatly sped up. With time now being so precious, he needs to step in and restore its natural flow. Instead of collecting medkits, he must gather time to prevent him from dying of old age within minutes. And with many puzzles and enemies standing in his way he needs to make good use of his ability to manipulate time in order to unravel the mysteries of the clock tower.

The Watchmaker will be released on PC via Steam on May 17th, 2018. For more information or to download the demo, visit the official Steam page.

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