Tilt Five will be bringing their mixed reality glasses to Gen Con

With Gen Con 2019 just a few days away, Tilt Five announced that they will be bringing their mixed reality glasses made for tabletop gaming to the convention. The glasses have HD micro-projectors that create 3D, holographic-like images on a special retroreflective game board.

Tilt Five is different from virtual reality, in that players can see everything around them while wearing the glasses, so they don’t need to worry about knocking their drink over while playing games. This also makes the experience more social. Just like traditional board games, players can sit around a table together and see each other. The glasses will also have stereo speakers and a microphone, so players can join in the fun even if they aren’t in the same location. Miniatures, and other tangibles such as playing cards, can also be used with Tilt Five, opening up a whole new way to play. A dragon miniature can breathe virtual fire and destroy a village, and a spaceship miniature can shoot virtual lasers and destroy enemy ships.

Joining Tilt Five at Gen Con will be CornBilt, who will be showcasing the digital version of their upcoming board game LocoMotives. An epic game of town building, track laying, and bandit fighting in the Wild West for 1-4 players. Players are pitted against each other in a race to build the greatest railroad through the west using four decks of 60 cards and 48 Good, Bad and Kinda Ugly characters. LocoMotives will be released in augmented reality as a featured title on Tilt Five.

Tilt Five augmented reality glasses will be available to check out at Gen Con 2019. For more information on Tilt Five, visit the official website.

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