Tile-based historical game Gardens of Babylon reaches funding in nine hours

Highly anticipated competitive euro-style strategy game Gardens of Babylon met its initial goal of $15,000 only nine hours after launching this week. In development since late 2017, this wonderfully illustrated, historically inspired game looks to be easy to learn yet challenging to master:

Gardens of Babylon is a 1-4 player, competitive euro-style game in which players strive to earn the most points by planting flower seeds on the most valuable tiles. Taking turns, players place tiles to create a maze-like ziggurat of pathways, strategically move their gardeners to gain positional advantage, and plant seeds to claim tiles, earning victory points and triggering cascades down connected waterways to steal those of their opponents in the process!

Featuring simple rules and strategic thinking, Gardens of Babylon offers infinite replayability with 78 distinct ziggurat tiles that form a unique 2.5-dimension modular board. A novel cascade mechanism allows a well-placed seed to change the course of the game in an instant, offering emergent gameplay and keeping players on their toes until the very end.

The Kickstarter boasts a deluxe version of the game as one of the tiers, which Crackleberry Games claims will only be available via the campaign. Three stretch goals have already been met, and with over twenty days to go, they will be sure to blast through several more. Check out the campaign and even more videos here

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