Thrustmaster swaps into a new generation of their pro controller

Over here at GamingTrend, we love a good controller. Not all of us use them religiously like our lead editor does, but the right controller can make or break your gameplay experience. Thrustmaster is using their experience in the space and what they’ve learned with the original ESWAP X Pro controller to bring us the ESWAP X2, their latest design. Check out all the details below, and go pre-order yours via this handy link.

Rennes, January 30, 2024 — Thrustmaster is thrilled to unveil the new generation of the ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER gamepad with the launch of ESWAP X2: an evolution three years after the launch of the iconic first version, which captured the hearts of gamers looking for exceptional performance.

Thrustmaster’s modular ESWAP controllers have become the gold standard in the segment of professional-grade gamepads used at the highest level in competitive gaming. ESWAP X2 represents the new generation of ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER, maintaining all the features that gamers have come to appreciate over the years. Hot-Swap technology allows for unlimited replacement of the S5 NXG mini-sticks, recognized for their exceptional precision in the world of esports.

This new version improves the lifespan of the mini-sticks, providing players with an extended gaming experience. What’s more, the D-pad’s ergonomic design has been completely reworked in order to simplify and speed up activations. ESWAP X2 includes a USB-C cable for optimal connectivity, minimizing latency during gaming sessions and ensuring maximum responsiveness between pressing a button and the action in the game.



From the ABXY and RB/LB buttons to the D-pad to the rear buttons, you’ll love the super-responsive clicks provided by the mechanical buttons, which are 64% faster than standard membrane-based buttons (tested under laboratory conditions). Enjoy greater responsiveness and execute combos faster than your opponents, thanks to an activation distance reduced to just 0.01″ / 0.3 mm.



Eliminate the risk of misclicks during decisive moments, thanks to a new mechanical D-Pad with remarkable precision and exceptional responsiveness, with a minimal activation distance of just 0.02″ / 0.45 mm.

Developed in collaboration with professionals in the versus fighting scene, the D-pad’s ergonomic design has been carefully adjusted to let you to link up your diagonals completely smoothly.


The ESWAP X2 gamepad adapts to your gaming preferences, for customized control and handling. Thanks to Hot-Swap technology, you can change the gamepad’s modules in a flash, at any time. Refine your fighting style and explore new possibilities with FIGHTING MODULE! Simplify linking up your combos with the addition of two extra buttons specially optimized for fighting games. You now have the ability to create a 6-button configuration on your ESWAP gamepad, providing maximum flexibility to master your movements and gain a competitive advantage over your opponents.



Free yourself from the limitations of traditional gamepad buttons and vastly increase your action options with ESWAP X2. You can directly remap any function to one of the 4 additional buttons on the back of the gamepad.



Take control of the gamepad thanks to the ability to fully configure ESWAP X2’s sensitivity levels and settings. With the ThrustmapperX software, you’re free to customize your entire gamepad for the perfect fit with your own personal preferences and gaming style.

The ThrustmapperX software lets you configure all of the settings you’ll ever want to adjust:

  • Create made-to-measure profiles, specifically designed for particular games or characters.
  • Map and remap as many buttons as you like.
  • Configure the sensitivity curve of the analog mini-sticks.
  • Change the shape of the curve for the dead zones on the analog mini-sticks.
  • Adjust the power of the vibrations.

On Xbox®, ThrustmapperX appears directly in the console’s menu for quick and easy use.

Access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

ESWAP X2 includes 1-month access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate[1]. Play hundreds of games for free on a gamepad, as soon as you get your ESWAP!

Commercial information

ESWAP X2 is available at a suggested retail price of £149.99 / $169.99 / €179.99:

  • Preorders began December 22, 2023
  • Commercial availability begins January 24, 2024

FIGHTING MODULE and D-IPPON D-PAD MODULE are available for purchase individually for owners of an ESWAP gamepad (S / X / XR / X2), at a suggested retail price of £26.99 / $19.99 / €19.99:

  • Preorders began December 22, 2023
  • Commercial availability begins January 24, 2024

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