Three of Webtoon’s hottest series come together with Hero Cantare, coming to mobile devices soon

NGEL Games recently announced that it will bring the popular mobile RPG Hero Cantare with Webtoon soon to mobile devices, with free pre-registration bonuses available now. The game will pit three popular web comic series together in turn-based combat.

Hero Cantare features characters from popular web comics ‘Tower of God’, ‘The God of High School’, and ‘Hardcore Leveling Warrior’ and brings them together in a massive superhero RPG. The heroes from these web comics are thrown into a new world ‘Tetra’ and must bring peace to the world.

The game features a turn-based gameplay with high quality 2D art and animation directly inspired by the popular web comics the game is based on. Full-fledged soundtrack also enhances the overall experience.

Players can now pre-register through the official website( Once players pre-register, these following rewards will be distributed at the launch of the game.

  • 1 x Bam, an in-game character, the main hero of Tower of God
  • 1 x Jin-Mori, an in-game character, the main hero of God of High School
  • 1 x Hardleveling Warrior, in-game character, the main hero of Hard Leveling Warrior
  • 1 x In-game SS Damage Weapon
  • 50 x Essence of Dimension (10 draws)
  • 500,000 Gold (Hero Cantare’s in-game currency)

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