Thirdverse studios announce two more PlayStation VR2 launch titles

Today, ALTAIR BREAKER and X8 from Thirdverse studios were reveal to release on February 22nd. ALTAIR BREAKER is a VR sword-fighting game that eclipses normal combat by adding exciting features such as high-speed fighting combos and aerial move sets. X8 is a VR tactical shooter where you can play as different heroes whose unique abilities will vary combat throughout the different map rounds. The long list of VR2 launch titles continues to grow each week it seems. You can check out full details about the two newest additions to the VR2 below:

ALTAIR BREAKER - Official Teaser Trailer

In this VR multiplayer transcendent sword fighting action game, players can experience the sword fighting action unique to VR in the virtual world “ALTAIR”. Thanks to the intuitive controls unique to VR, anyone can easily experience the transcendence of sword fighting actions that would be impossible in the real world, such as high-speed sword fighting moves, cutting enemies, aerial combos and wide-range special skills. In addition, multiplayer is available and players can team up with up to 4 people: fight together while communicating with other users all over the world by voice chat.

The PlayStation VR2 version of ALTAIR BREAKER is compatible with the PlayStation VR2 Sense technology, as well as many other elements:

–Foveate rendering with eye tracking

–Headset feedback

–Game contents up to the major update Ver. 2.0.0 “EVENT HORIZON”, delivered for the Meta Quest 2 and PCVR versions.

X8 - Announcement Trailer

In X8, players embody a variety of distinct heroes who battle alongside and against each other using interactive abilities and unique weapons. Each hero can access three abilities: Instant, Basic and Ultimate. Each character has hero-specific items offering situational advantages. Additionally, heroes can access an extensive arsenal of weapons, armor and items unique to their character.

Players are divided into two teams (up to 5v5) and fight through multiple rounds where the attackers team place a detonation device called ‘The Extrapolator’ while the defenders team attempt to disrupt deployment or defuse the Extrapolator. We plan to introduce more game modes in the future.

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