Think’n Billions — Sneak Energy reveals new mashup flavors

After the success of the Generations branding, Sneak Energy has a new idea up their sleeve- Billions. A mashup of the recent (and delicious) Blizzard flavor with the Generations flavors, these have a lot of promise. Check out the info below, along with our Blizzard taste test video. Also, get ready, you’ll be able to purchase the two Billions releases on February 9th!

You can pick up Sneak Energy, your Blue Raspberry tubs, and if you want to try it out, your starter kits, here. Pick up your regular Blizzard via this link. Check out our other taste tests here!

Chilly goodness! Sneak Energy Blizzard taste test and Collector's Box unboxing!

What does Sneak do better than anyone else? NOSTALGIA.

This time we’ve dialed it up to 11, combining our Sneak Generations drop with our top-selling seasonal flavor, Blizzard. Combos have become a massive part of Sneak culture, and with these two additions, we’ve hit the jackpot. So kick back, get your Xbox 360 off that ‘Red-Ring of Death’ and check out the flavor profiles of our latest release…

  • Bubblegum Billions

Ever tried Bubblegum Lemonade? No, neither had we but trust us this one is a banger. The sweet, bubblegummy goodness of Bubblegum Millions combined with the sharp citrus edge of Blizzard. So good you could almost chew it.

  • Strawberry Billions

The original 10/10 flavor mix discovered in the Sneak HQ kitchen. Loved and cherished by Sneak staff and community members. Think frozen strawberry lemonade from that big restaurant chain with a massive golden arch logo, we’re loving it. ‘Please don’t sue us Ron’.

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