Think fast or die in Katana Zero this March

Katana Zero recently got a flashy, blood-soaked new trailer, and it’s packed with details that already has us itching to see more of the game. Quick, precise combat — check. Catchy synth soundtrack — check. Bullet-deflecting sword strikes — check. Donkey Kong Country-esque minecraft sequences — uh, sure, why not?

Taking more than a little inspiration from Hotline Miami, Katana Zero has ultra-deadly combat that can take you out in one hit, so you’ll have to plan out your attacks in meticulous detail then execute them perfectly if you want to survive. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to bring the pain, from poison gas and grenades to your good old fashioned katana, and if things get out of hand, you can turn back time and try an approach that leaves you a little less dead. It also looks like it’ll mix up the action with motorcycle chases, boss battles, and probably plenty of other surprises.

Katana Zero is scheduled for release on PC in March.

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