The Water Festival makes a return to Pokemon Go today.

If you’re jealous of all of those cool water Pokemon you see on gyms in your area, you’re in luck. June 7th at 1 p.m. marks the beginning of the Water Festival 2018 where all of those elusive water type Pokemon will be out in force. So if you, like me, don’t live anywhere near water, this should help you get a little bit closer to polishing off that Pokedex.

Players will start seeing more Magikarp and Wailmer in addition to a rare shiny version of the bivalve Pokemon, Shellder. From the 7th until the 21st the legendary Kyogre will also be making a return appearance to raid battles. This Kyogre will also have a chance to be its shiny variant, which is exciting for anyone who just wants to show off.

Alongside increased appearance of Water-type Pokémon appearing all over the world, you’ll be able to earn 3× Stardust for catching Water-type Pokémon. Plus, 2 km Eggs will hatch exciting Pokémon such as Totodile, Mudkip, and Corphish—earn Double Candy and Stardust for every Egg hatched!

I know I need to go finally get my Wailord, so I’ll be out catching as many as I can. Get out there and catch some Pokemon, and keep it here on Gaming Trend for more.

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