The Vynestra Collection is heading to Kickstarter with 5 gloriously in-depth books

The Vynestra Collection is a new high fantasy setting and supplementary content book series which will utilize the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition system to immerse players into a world inspired by Roman culture and modern day Venice. This 5 book collection will feature more than 1,000 pages of detailed lore and spells along with a 600+ location city, diverse and inclusive NPCs, and more. The Vynestra Collection will launch a Kickstarter campaign on September 19th, 2023. You can learn more below:

Building on D&D 5th Edition, the game is a city campaign setting inspired by the culture of ancient Rome and modern Venice and introduces a new Embers system that allows player characters to become demi-gods with over 200 unique abilities!

UK – August 10th, 2023 -This brand-new high fantasy setting and supplementary content books utilise the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition system to immerse players in a world inspired by Roman culture and modern-day Venice.

The Vynestra Collection will be coming to Kickstarter in the form of 5 gloriously in-depth books: The World of Vynestra, an introduction to the rich world of Vynestra; The Aldarin Empire, an introduction to the people and empire of Aldarin; Deveros, The Amethyst Crown, a sprawling, 20 district city setting which delves into the capital of the Aldarin Empire; Sif’s Guide to the Creatures of Deveros, which details over 100 new monsters intended to accompany Deveros, The Amethyst Crown and Blood Tithes, Chapter 1, The first chapter of Deveros’s first campaign setting, which takes players from Levels 1-5 as they explore the underbelly of Cruorse Isle near Deveros and clash against the Vampiric Order.

The Vynestra Collection offers tabletop RPG players the chance to become demi-gods using the game’s unique Ember ability system, which take the form of magical tattoos that grant a bounty of over 200 abilities.

The Vynestra Collection also features a plethora of other content across its 5-book product range:

*Nearly 1,000 pages of detailed, fresh new lore, spells, magical items, races, backgrounds, feats, adventures and encounters.
*A 600+ location city
*Diverse and inclusive NPCs
*Dozens of organisations, guilds, and cults
*40+ new spells
*25+ new magical items
*20+ deities
*6 new player subclasses
*100+ new monsters
*15+ exciting encounters
*And lots more!

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