The Vault of Mini Things – An RPG Encounter Toolkit the perfect tool for seasoned or aspiring dungeon masters and players alike!

The Vault of Mini Things – An RPG Encounter Toolkit by TinkerHouse Games offers a crowdfunded option that doesn’t break the bank, and gives players an immersive opportunity when experiencing Dungeons and Dragons or any fantasy game along those lines. Check out some of the things The Vault has to offer below

TinkerHouse Games has launched a new venture for fantasy tabletop games. Designed especially for Game Masters looking for an all-in-one solution, the Vault of Mini Things contains hundreds of gorgeously illustrated standee minis and plenty of terrain, all contained within a clever storage and organization system. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting your journey, The Vault is a toolkit that will unleash your creativity and streamline your game prep and cleanup–letting you spend less time painting or searching for minis, and more time engaging your players with unforgettable adventures.

Currently crowdfunding on Backerkit, the Vault of Mini Things has surpassed its funding goal and is on the way to knock down stretch goals. Not everyone has the time, money, or storage space for hundreds of 3-d minis. Together, the tabletop community can overcome those obstacles and help equip Game Masters with the means to bring their creative visions to the table.

The Vault of Mini Things features:
800+ full-color standee miniatures – Front and back art, no painting required!
Custom bases with swappable 2-sided base inserts – Dungeon/wood floor and cobblestone/wilderness.
Compact storage for portability and quality-of-life – Everything fits inside the Vault, and the Vault fits inside an Ikea Kallax shelf system.
Elegant organization system – For fast selection and quick cleanup.
Integrated dice-rolling tray – Roll for convenience!
Full-color starter terrain for dungeon, town, and wilderness – Essential terrain for classic encounters.
Hand-drawn art by Printable Heroes – Over half a decade of experience creating characters, monsters, and terrain art for RPGs.

The Vault provides on Backerkit

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