The Spy Who Shrunk Me for PC and VR looks like No One Lives Forever spiritual successor

I have been waiting. Maybe not patiently, but certainly I’ve been waiting. There was a fantastic pair of games in the 90s called No One Lives Forever. It was groundbreaking and magnificent, as was the sequel. For whatever reason (read: Activision, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros. can’t stop arguing to let magic happen) we will never see another installment in that game series, but Finnish game developer Catland has come to rescue me from my sadness. Coming at some point in 2018 (which narrows it down to about 3.5 months, by my math), Catland has announced their second game — a stealth title called The Spy Who Shrunk Me. Here’s a little bit about it from the developers themselves:

In this exciting stealth game, the player gets to be super agent Audrey Smoothspy armed with a shrink ray and a host of exotic and unusual spy gadgets – such as banana peel! Staying hidden from guards and traversing many exciting locales, the hero unravels a terrifying secret in 1980s Moscow which threatens to turn the Cold War into a fiery one.

The game features immersive first person stealth gameplay that blends scale-bending shrink ray mechanics, tongue-in-cheek humour and a hilarious 80s aesthetic. Go crazy by shrinking enemies and dropping them down toilets or use stealth and subterfuge to get past enemies undetected. The game can be completed without harming a single soul.

When commenting on the gameplay mechanics of the game, Catland CEO Tomi Toikka elaborated “The Spy Who Shrunk Me is a tongue-in-cheek spy adventure, a love letter to spy movies, immersive simulations and other games in the stealth genre. Armed with a shrink ray, you can shrink and dip Soviet soldiers into paper shredders and make them run in a hamster wheel – or shrink yourself to get past opponents. Just don’t get stomped.”

If you aren’t a VR devotee, the great news is that the game will ship with VR and flatscreen PC capabilities for the same price, and will be fully playable in both modes. In VR, it’ll be room-scale, and will support the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets.

You can bet we’ll be keeping a very close eye on this one, so stay tuned! It looks like it could be the sleeper VR hit of the season.  In the mean time, feel free to drop it into your Steam wishlist here.


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