The Sims Mobile partners up with fashion company ASOS to give your Sims some style

Today, EA and Maxis have announced a partnership with internationally-renowned fashion brand ASOS to create a special in-game fashion event from now until the beginning of May.

This event isn’t just new clothing for your Sims. In this event, players will have the ability to put on fashion shows with their Sims, complete with a catwalk and a high-end production. After completing these challenges, players will be rewarded with limited-time ASOS tokens to be spent on ASOS clothing in-game.

Players who rack up ASOS clothing and accessories through the in-game event can also unlock special ASOS stories where they can live out an experience as an ASOS Designer and ASOS Fashion Photographer. The stories feature five chapters of work shifts and story vignettes, where players will be able to earn unique items for venues and Sims’ homes as they play.

By participating in the ASOS Fashion Show, players will receive a 20% off discount code to use in real-life on the ASOS website.

The Sims Mobile ASOS event will run from April 18th until May 2nd. For more information, visit the official website. Curious to know our thoughts on The Sims Mobile? Check out lead editor Kay’s review here.

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