The Plucky Squire awakens a new gameplay trailer

This game looks charming in all the right ways, and we love seeing more of The Plucky Squire. If you’re like us, you’re in luck! A new gameplay trailer has arrived, with all kinds of cutesy mayhem that will make your heart sing. No release date has been announced, but The Plucky Squire will be arriving in 2024.

Devolver Digital and developer All Possible Futures today unveiled a brand new look at The Plucky Squire. Today’s new gameplay trailer showcases our hero Jot’s ability to leap seamlessly from the 2D pages of multiple storybooks into the fully realized 3D world of a child’s playroom where he will bravely explore the sides of toy bins, papercraft castles, mugs and more:

The Plucky Squire is set in Mojo, a colorful realm of pure creativity, which is under threat from a seriously unchill wizard named Humpgrump.

But he doesn’t have to go it alone, with a merry band of brave adventurers joining him on his page-turning quest to save the realm—including an eccentric DJing wizard. Humpgrump doesn’t stand a chance.

The Plucky Squire is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch later this year. Reach out if you have any questions.

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