[The Nothing] plans to make waves in the cyberpunk world on Kickstarter

Independent developer Matthew Walsh has recently revealed that the Kickstarter for the upcoming action-RPG [The Nothing] has launched with a $600,000 goal. If the goal is reached by November 2, the game will be developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Linux on December 2019.

The story is centered around the PXL Corporation and the unstoppable control they have over the world, the mistakes they made and the terrible horrors that are uncovered about their operations.

You play as Dresden, a skilled systems engineer who presently works for PXL and lives in the utopian city outside Los Angeles.

Dresden’s mother (who also lives in the Utopia) develops a sudden and rare cancer. Her bank account balance is incapable of providing her with medical care without causing her to be deported, which ensures she will certainly die. Dresden makes a decision to save his mother by giving up his entire wealth to help her.

He is immediately deported and ousted from the utopian ecosystem and cast into the starving, suffocating and dying city of Los Angeles.

While being deported, Dresden is brought to an office where he meets with a PXL exec, Damon Knight. Damon is impressed with Dresden’s sacrifice to save his mother and makes the statement “you are exactly the type of person we want living amongst us”.

Damon makes an offer — PXL will take care of his mother and allow him to return to the utopia, in exchange for the implementation of his “field expertise” with PXL systems and their advanced inner workings.

Dresden is asked to “infiltrate” the networks, systems and communications of known organized “terrorists” who may be intending on breaching or harming the utopian ecosystem. “Simple observe and report”, as Damon puts it.

Nothing is as it seems, however, and players will have to survive the harrowing dystopian cyberpunk world in order to get answers. A selection of 12 different endings can be obtained based on the chocies you make throughout. Matthew Walsh details his inspiration within the Kickstarter campaign:

I (Matthew Walsh) wrote the story to cope with a situation very similar to the games plot. I was losing my mother to a rare cancer, and abandoned my business and life overnight to be close to her and do everything I could to try and save her. As I sat next to her for months, in the time she slept, I wrote a story of what a more powerful me would do to save her, and set it in a futuristic world in which the medical odds would be greater than they actually were in real life.

Unfortunately, my mother did not survive. I continued writing the story in my depression for the next two years and it somewhat helped heal my pain. I ultimately decided I wanted to change my life’s path, and do something to make me happy while I was still here. I began learning Unreal Engine and decided to make my story into an RPG.

For those that want to get in on the game, [The Nothing} Kickstarter offers a $29 tier for PC and Linux players as well as a $45 tier for console players. Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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