The Longest Five Minutes begins at the end on Steam, Switch and Vita February 13th

Most games end with the encounter the final boss, but that’s where the story of The Longest Five Minutes begins. No sooner does the hero encounter the dreaded Demon King himself than he loses all memory of his adventures, companions, and even his own skills. Using the words of his allies and even the taunts of his now-forgotten enemy, the hero must rely upon Flashbacks to relearn his own story, and he must do so before time runs out, enabling the evil boss’ power to grow beyond measure.

Upon starting the game, players will find themselves face to face with the Demon King, who will win the fight if the hero does not remember himself before the battle clock reaches five minutes. Players will have to keep the conversations going with allies and enemies alike in order to fill enough of their memory album to relearn how to defeat the evil overlord. Doing so will require the player to relive difficult decisions, complete quest objectives, and even take a break or two and explore three mini-games. This nostalgic JRPG retails for $39.99, and will be available for Steam, Switch and PlayStation Vita on January 13th.

The Nintendo Switch has a limited edition set, which can be preordered here. Retailing for £49.99 and available on January 16th, this collection includes a copy of the game for the Nintendo Switch, a 2-Disc soundtrack, an art booklet, a lapel pin set, and a collector’s box.

You can check out more trailers and add The Longest Five Minutes to your Steam Wishlist here, or visit NIS Amerca’s website for more information.

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