The Hallowed Blight gives players something to die for in Dead by Daylight’s Halloween Event

Today, the Halloween event for Dead by Daylight, The Hallowed Blight, has gone live. This event will have players investigate horrific experiments from specimens injected with toxins from a mysterious plant coming from the Entity to earn spooky rewards.

As survivors rush around the map to fill their vials, Killers will have a similar goal, though they’ll also hang their prey on cankerous hooks as a way to stop them. For filling a vial, the players will be rewarded with Putrid Serum, which can be traded in for Hallowed Blight cosmetic pieces, Survivor’s Will’o Wisp flashlight or the All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox (Medkit).

In addition, the in-game store will have several Halloween-themed outfits available. To celebrate the season, Dead by Daylight and its DLCs will be on sale for all platforms.

Dead by Daylight’s The Hallowed Blight event is now available until November 2nd, 2018. For more information on Dead by Daylight, visit the official website.

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